Lessons from the Hospital Waiting Room 2
Ted Gocke

Last week, while sitting in the Hospital Waiting Room waiting while my mother-in-law was in surgery, God really spoke some valuable lessons and truths into my life.

My mother-in-law had just come successfully through the surgery.  After a stay in recovery they moved her up to her room.  It was a beautiful part of the hospital I had never been to.  The Mary Ellen Locher Cancer Floor.  It was really nice!

They were getting Amy's mom situated in her room, her sisters and dad were with her, so I remained out in the hall.

The surgeon had just delivered the news that the tumor they removed from my mother-in-law was twice the size they had thought, and the cancer had spread which would require chemo and radiation therapy.  Not the news we had hoped for.

As I was sitting there, I recognized a friend of mine coming out of the room next door.  I could tell something was causing him and his family sadness.  I learned that his mother-in-law was about to leave this world and join Jesus in Heaven.  She had battled cancer for some time.  She did go home to be with the Lord in the next few minutes.

What was the lesson-God showed me that He is in control.  Things could always be worse (at least that would be what the majority of the world thinks).  Going home to Heaven is the best thing that could happen to someone-but you know what I think.  For the family the new seperation from their loved one was sad.

My wife, kids, inlaws and I still have time to spend with my mother-in-law.  What are we going to do with the remainder of that time?  How much are emphasis are we going to put on serving the Lord together by the way we express our love?

Sitting in a hospital can be very eye-openening!

Please continue to pray for my mom-in-law and family.