What a Blessing you are!
Ted Gocke

We have been so blessed this week by a couple of incredible gifts towards our ministry.

The first is the gift of shoeboxes.  I am in awe of the hundreds of these boxes full of toys, school supplies, personal hygiene items and various other things children all over the world will love.  I can't wait to hear the final total today as they are unloaded in Cleveland.  Will we exceed our goal of 500?  I am quite confident we will.  Listen this afternoon for the total!

The Second blessing we received was from the student ministry from Noble Fellowship Church in LaFayette.  Saturday they came to the studios so I could give them a tour.  They had brought with them a little orange M&M's mini container.  Inside was not M&M mini's but a check for $420.00.  They had passed out the little candy containers to their congregation and asked them to fill them up with quarters and turn them in for J103.  They collected $420.00.

Thank you so much.  It reminded me of the faithfullness of God.  In August we weren't sure how we were going to stay on the air.  You stepped up to the plate and blessed this minisry with your gifts and offerings. 

As it stands today we are meeting budget each month, however we still have a deficit we must wipe out before the end of December.  Our Day of Giving could be the day this happens.  Please pray for next Tuesday, Dec. 1.  Call in your testimonies to 559-1234.  Let everyone know the "gifts" God has given you through J103.  We want to share them on the air during the Day of Giving and Sharing.

God  Bless you!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!