Lost a Brother-saw a brother this week
Ted Gocke

This week started out pretty emotional.  A "Giant of a man" Jeff Sims passed away last Friday from a massive heart attack, while he was working on the family farm with his dad, brother and farmhands.  Jeff leaves behind his beautiful wife, and three kids (16, 13, 9).  His mother and father, as well as siblings, grandmother, aunts and uncles, and it seemed like more than 3/4 of Catoosa County are greiving along with them.

Jeff coached little league baseball with me for years.  I was the youth pastor at Burning Bush for years and we got along great!  He was still impacting young lives today!

I was asked by his wife to sing at the funeral.  I was honored to do so.

Yes, this week, even though I know I will see Jeff again in Heaven, was really sad.

Last night-God reminded me, (again) that He is in control.  He sent my youngest brother on a business trip to visit the Roper Plant in Lafayette.  Since he was here, I picked him up and he got to go to my oldest two kids soccer games and out to eat with the family.  It was great to see Jonathan!

Isn't God just like that?.......when we need Him most-He is always there!