The Ups and Downs of Parenting Teenagers
Ted Gocke

Last night, Amy and I experienced some of the emotional ups and downs of parenting teenagers.

You have heard me many times talking about Lauren and Trevor playing soccer for Heritage High School, and how Chipper has just picked up the game of tennis and is playing for Heritage Middle School.

On Monday afternoon I was talking to Chipper about school and what was going on.  He said he was looking forward to his Tuesday's tennis match and really hoped he won his first game.  He didn't mean match-he meant his first win of a game in a match.  Hold on to that thought.

Tuesday night was also a big night for our oldest two, Lauren and Trevor.  Their soccer teams were playing the Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe Warriors.  Lauren and Trevor and many of their teammates played for LFO two years ago, before Heritage High School opened.  They still have friends that play for the warriors.  Lauren's HHS team is undefeated this year, Trevor's HHS team is doing very well and could possibly be a #2 seed in the region meaning we would host the region crossover game on the way to the state tournament.

Last night was also "senior night" where they recognize the senior soccer players in a nice ceremony between the games.

Lauren's team won 2-1, and then Chipper arrived from his tennis match, (normally Amy or I would of been with Chipper but since it was senior night we both had to be there).  He walked into the pressbox where we were and said, with a smile on his face...."I won a game!"  (He lost the match-but won a game!)

We were riding the "high" on the emotional roller coaster.  Until.....

Trevor's team lost a very physical game.......the "low" of the roller coaster.

Want to know the good thing about Roller Coasters?  When you go down, you have to come back up.  I am just so thankful that God is our safety bar holding us down in the ride of life.