And They're Off!!!!!!
Ted Gocke

Unless you are from Louisville Kentucky and grew up around the traditions and pagentry of the Kentucky Derby, you would find yourself tomorrow afternoon making fun of me with the tears in my eye when the University of Lousiville Marching Band, decked out in the red and white uniforms with black boots plays Composer Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home" right before the start of the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby.

It's a "home town thing"  Every year since I was old enough to understand what a horse race was I have picked a horse to win the Derby.  Never a gambler I have picked a hopeful just for fun.  I have been right a few times and wrong most of them but here it goes....

Ted's pick for the 136th KY Derby-Coming out of Gate #5 with 30-1 odds a horse named "Line of David."

I had a tough time choosing between that one and "Make Music for Me" and "Discreetly Mine"  But I am going with the spiritual choice-"Line of David."

Let's see if I'm right!  Go ahead and pick yours and submit it here before the race Saturday afternoon.