Rested and Relaxed
Ted Gocke

I thank God for a great week off to spend at home with my kids.  My daughter Lauren is graduating High School in a month or so, and will be off to college soon.  Our lives are so hectic we need to take advantage of all the time we do find to make memories.

When you get up each morning at 4am-it feels really nice to be able to sleep in.  I forced myself to stay in bed until 9am almost every morning.  I stayed up past 11 on most nights.  It was nice!

So what did I do last week?  Lots of yard work and house work.  It felt great to be able to have supper on the table when Amy got home from work.

My Birthday was also this past weekend.  Thanks to all of you who wished me a Happy B-Day!  It was a great week and weekend indeed.'s good to be back in the saddle again!  Thanks for listening!