Down on the Farm
Ted Gocke

I had the priviledge of taking a "fieldtrip" to the Mayfield Farm and Nursery yesterday!
Michael Mayfield, yes of the Mayfield Dairy family, invited me to come up to Athens TN and take a tour of his farm and nursery.

I grew up in Fern Creek (Louisville) Kentucky.  Our neighborhood was surrounded by farmland.  I even had cousins who were dairy farmers and for a stint while in college I worked at Stockyard Farm and Dairy Supply.  I have a fondness for farmers.

Michael is no exception.  I enjoyed riding around the farm with him in his truck.  His passion for produce is fantastic.  His farm is a true joy to visit.

It's strawberry time right now, and as the weeks go on there will be more and more farm fresh produce showing up in his market.

I encourage you to take some time away with your family, head up to Athens and check out Michael's farm.  Ask for Michael, he'd be glad to meet you.