God will provide!
Ted Gocke

I am a firm believer in the provision of God.  He is so good and has never let me or my family down.

His will is perfect.  Even though there are times I wish things were differnt at the moment-God knows what's best for Me.  He knows the past, present and future.  I would be foolish to compalin and attempt to act like I know better than He does.

This week was one of those weeks I was tempted to grumble.

Monday Amy took Chipper into the doctor because he had lost a filling while on the 8th grade GA trip last week.  He needs a root canal and filling (close to $2,000 and we have no dental insurance.)

Yesterday, if you were listening, you heard about the phone call from my wife about Trevor's accident.  It appears the car that I drive to work, and he uses to get around to soccer practice etc, was now nose down in a ditch.  It had to be towed and it looks like it is going to be to much to repair.  So now we are not lookign for one car (Lauren is going away and the wrecked car was going to be Trevor's to drive he and Chipper to school), we are looking for two-with no money in the budget really.

Lauren is graduating this Saturday and we have some expenses with the family all coming down.  We want the party to be nice for Lauren to recognize all her hard work and accomplishesments.

Things were looking desperate, and then.....God answered one of the prayers by providing the funding for Chipper's tooth.

God is good all the time and we trust Him!  Can't wait to see what He provides for me to drive!