Going to be an exciting week for the Gockes
Ted Gocke

This looks like it is going to be one of those memorable weeks for my family.

This past Friday night, Trevor's high school soccer team lost in the first round of the state tournament to a very talented high school-Lambert.  Lambert's field has turf-if that tells you anything about their soccer program.  They have lots of resources and lots of very talented players.

Lauren's high school team won their first round game-making them the first Catoosa County High School Soccer Team ever to make it past the 1st round.  They will play this Wednesday in Oconoee near Athens GA.

Friday will also be Lauren's college signing day at the High School.  I have shared with you about her college scholarship to Bryan College for playing on the Lion's Soccer team.  This Friday it becomes official.  She, (and dad) is very excited.

Chipper has a lot of make up work this week he has to get completed and turned in.  Pray for his safety as we work together on these projects every afternoon.  Just Kidding!  Pray for my sanity!

It's Monday-for sure!  But God is in control-and He is Good!