I'm going Postal!
Ted Gocke

I am getting ready to walk across the post office to the East Ridge Post office.  "Big Deal," you may say.  "I bet you have been there many times before."  You are correct.  I have been inside the East Ridge Post Office dropping off lots of mail and packages over the last 15 years.

But this trip is special.  This handful of mail is meaningful.  The stack of invitations I will be carrying over to be delivered are my daughter, Lauren's High School Graduation Invitations.

These invites will be delivered in Louisville, Sacramento, Chicago, and of course right here in the TN Valley.  They symbolize 12 years of hard work and sacrifice both Lauren and her parents have endured.

I am so blessed to have three great kids that take their education seriously, (OK, so the jury is still out on Chipper).

I'm praying for all of you in the same boat and making the same trip going "Postal" today.