LIving without a cell phone
Ted Gocke

Do you remember the day when you didn't have a cell phone?  Most students today do not.  I can remember not having one.  I remeber pay phones.  I can remember sending youth groups out on photo-scavenger hunts where they had to stick their entire group inside a phone booth.  My kids do not remember ever seeing a phone booth.

While I do not long for the days we did not have the convenience of picking up the cell phone and calling for assistance when you are broken down on the side of the road, or when I need to get a hold of my kids or wife suddenly.  What I have had to train myself is to "remain in the now."  When I am carrying on a face-to-face conversation with someone they are the most important thing I have going on at the moment.  If my phone rings-I have to fight the urge to take my attention off of the person I am communicating with to look and "see who's calling."  At that moment-what does that say to the person who has had my attention.  If I answer the phone it says, "Hold on, this is more important."  If I resist the temptation to look and just let it go to voice mail, then I am saying, "You are the most important thing to me right now."

I feel pretty strongly-that is what Jesus would of done!  He would of just let the call go to his voice mail!........excuse me, I have a call!  Just kidding.