That's a bargain!
Ted Gocke

My inlaws received a quote to trim their tall hedges, bushes, and weed their flowerbeds.  When Amy told me what the quote was I was in shock!  "You're kidding me!  They are trying to rip off your mom and dad," I said.  I then volunteered to do it.
Saturday morning we got up and went their house, (about 5 minutes from ours), loaded down with trimmers, extension cords, ladder, etc.

Four hours later, covered in scratches and cuts, I looked at Amy and said, "That quote.......that was a bargain!  Can we get that guys number?"  I was kidding of course and we finished the job, but, Wow!  What a job it was.

it is not the first time I have betten off more than I could chew!