I am "among my people."
Ted Gocke

Last night sitting at the J103 booth in the Abba's House lobby, I was doing what my grandfather loved to do most-"people-watch."  I watched the people making their way into the Evening with the Chapmans.  Steven Curtis Chapman has been my favorite artist since I was in college.  I sang his song "I will be Here" to my wife Amy in our wedding.  As I sat and watched I noticed something about the demographics.  Most of the people, (not all), were "middle-agers."  It then struck me-I am one of them!

So funny!

It was a great concert and everyone, no matter the age, had a wonderful time.  Congratulations to our "Be a Chapman for the Evening" winners-the Callahan family.  Randy and Mitzi Callahan and their adopted daughter Mia had a wonderul time as "Chapmans" last night.  Marybeth Chapman fell in love with Mia and really took her under her wing last night.  It was a really special night!