I want to be Luther
Ted Gocke

OK, I don't care about having a road named after me.  I haven't been in Chattanooga radio nearly half as long as he has but if you will allow me to be like Luther Massingale for just a moment.
Meet Pedro. He is a six month old "Chug"  Daddy was a chihauha, Mommy was a chhauha/pug mix."  He was born in my master bathroom along with his little brother Max.  (Max found a good family home 2 weekend ago.)  He is almost "cage trained" but still has a few accidents.  He is very friendly-loves to lick and currently is afraid to go down steps.  He flys up them!  We need to find a loving home for this little guy.  Email me and let me know if interested.  Ted@j103.com.  My wife will probably require references LOL!