Night and Day
Ted Gocke

The snow storm and the week of school closings on the heels of Christmas Vacation have made me notice some of the real differences in my boys.  Trevor, my high school senior, is ready to get back to school.  It is his senior year so I know he is ready to get his last semester started, but it goes deeper than that.  Trevor is a "go-getter."  He has to be moving.  He wants to be on the soccer field-doing something.  Chipper, on the other hand, is like night and day-he is excited that school has been closed this week.  Each day I shared the news that Catoosa County Schools would be closed the next day he got a big grin on his face and then would retreat to his room to battle the world's enemies on his X-Box.  Our daughter Lauren, the college freshman is somewhere in between.

It is so cool to see how unique God makes His children.
Are you ready to get things "back to normal?"  How about your kids?  I say......Come on Summer!