To Facebook or not to Facebook-that is the question
Ted Gocke

We had some great discussion on Facebook this morning.  It is apparent that good things and bad things can come from Facebook.  I have seen families torn apart because of hurtful things said on the social network and yet I have seen people come to know the Lord through posts, comments, and videos.

One caller said it best when he said, guns don't kill people, food doesn't kill people.  It takes someone to pick up the gun and do something horrific with it.  It takes someone to pick up food and overeat for it to be harmful. 

Facebook and other social networks are the same.......It can be addicting, or it can be controlled.

Hope you are listening to your family when they say, "Dad, will you go do..........with us today?"  And then don't forget to sign off-(A lesson I have learned with my boys-if I walk away from the computer with my Facebook account opened-there is no telling what my status will say!)