The Ultimate Invitation
Ted Gocke

Last night, Amy and I began helping Trevor with his High School Graudation invitations.  We wanted to be careful that no friends or family were left out.  Each one of the (overly priced) invitations sent to someone who cares a lot for Trevor and he cares for them.

It got me thinking about (how old i am-just kidding) how God gives us the ultimate invitation.  He sends it not to just a few-but to all.

That invitation is to accept Jesus' death on the cross to pay the penalty for our sinful nature and lives.  By accepting Christ's death as the payment for our sins, and asking Him to forgive us and come into our lives we accept the invitation that God sacrificed greatly for.

I hope you have accepted the invitation, and have given him, (not a check or monetary gift-although if you want to pass that along to Trevor-he has a tuition bill coming due!  Ha Ha), given him your life!

If you have.......I will see you there!