Why Does God make them so cute?
Ted Gocke

I feel, most of the time, I live in a kennel.  I grew up with one dog.  I love dogs, but I only believe a family ought to have 1 at a time.  Take care of it, have it fixed, feed it, play with it, let it become a member of the family.

Well, my wife grew up in a home where dogs were not allowed, so now....she feels like she has to have all of them!!!!  We currently have 1 Chihauaha, 1 Chug (Chihauaha/Pug mix) and it's offspring, and........6 month old........Oakley!!!

Oakley is a wimerrimer, and is all puppy!  He is so playful and big. 

This past weekend he has also been sick.  Now to my wife's credit, she has taken the majority of the responsibility taking care of him, so she had to clean up a lot of doggy puke this weekend.

Just when I was sitting thinking about how it will be 10-12 years until all of the dogs in my house will pass on, Amy sends me the following picture....
Our newest Family Member Oakley