2 Down-1 To Go!
Ted Gocke

God blessed us with a great day Saturday as we moved Trevor into his dorm at Bryan College.  It ws a great opportunity to see how much he appreciated me and his mom.  He posted on his FB that evening how much he loved and thanked us.  He said he could not be where he is today if it hadn't been for us.  That made us proud.

We also got to watch Lauren play in a scrimmage game against some alumni soccer players.  Her team won and it was great to see her on the field doing what she loves.  After the game and after Trevor's student/parent orientation we got to take Lauren to get something to eat.  It was nice spending some time with her.  She has matured so much.

After we dropped Lauren off back at her dorm and began to drive down the hill off of campus I took one last look at Trevor's window (I knew it was his because of the big inflatable hot dog and purple alien-I don't know-silly student thing I guess), I couldn't help but thank God for blessing me with three great kids.

I came home, and cleaned Trevor's room (it actually wasn't that bad), and cleaned the upstairs bathroom.  I told Chipper when he got back from FCA XC camp that the bathroom upstairs was all his-that was the good news.  The bad news?  The bathroom upstairs is all his!  That means he is in charge of cleaning it now.  Don't want to clean it?  Don't mess it up!

Chipper is going to get the feeling of being an only child for three years.  God help us!  LOL!