Don't Know What to Do
Ted Gocke

I firmly believe that God loves the sinner but hates the sin.

On the morning show (and J103 as a whole), we want to discuss things that will uplift the body of Christ, and beyond that give you something to talk about with your families and coworkers.  Topics like "did you see who got voted off of Dancing with the Stars" is prevalent in many a workplace.  That is why we talk about some of those type things on the air.  At the same time we try to stay away from those things that detract from the body of Christ.

I don't know what to do about this yet, (I am praying for direction). I watch Dancing with the Stars. To me if is really incredible to take someone with no dancing experience at all and transform them into ballroom dancers.  It takes en extreme amount of patience and sacrifice.  With that said, it is a dancing show and my votes are based on who the best dancers are.  In past seasons I have not voted for my favorite because I didn't think they were the best dancer that night.

This seasons line up has just been announced.  I have an issue with one of the cast-Chaz Bono.  It is sad, that this daughter of Sonny and Cher felt it neccessary to have operations to change her gender.  She/He is now an advocate for a lot of things that go against what God teaches in His Word.

Should I boycott the show this season and not watch?  However, also on the show is Chyna Phillips of the Christian music duo Chyna and Vaughn.  Once saved, Chyna has become a vocal spokesman for Christianity and family values.

Should I watch and talk about how she did each night or not talk about it because of Bono.

Don't get me wrong.  I know God loves Chaz Bono.  He just doesn't like his lifestyle, of course his "sin" is no different than any of my "sins" in God's eyes.

God, I seek your answer and peace.