GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Ted Gocke

Yesterday Amy and I debated driving back to Dayton to watch Lauren's college team play the first game of the season.  Last year they had defeated this same team 8-0 and it was questionable if any of the starters were going to get to play.

We went.......and boy was I glad we did!  The starters did start.  Lauren has earned her spot among the starters for the first time in college.  So her first college varsity start, in the first half, she gets a good cross (that's soccer talk for "a ball kicked from one side of the field to close to the middle of the goal.)  Lauren was there and headed (hit the ball with her head) into the corner of the net!  It was beautiful!!!!

Lauren's first varsity start and she scores the first goal of the season for the Byran Lady Lions!!!!!  I am one proud papa.

We also took with us Trevor's dog Oakley.  Trevor met us there (he is proud of his sister too), and gave us a big hug when we walked up.

Chipper has his first Cross Country Meet of the season this afternoon.

The Fall has begun!!!!!!