World's Largest Yard Sale
Ted Gocke

The World's Largest Yard Sale kicks off today and goes through several states along Hwy 27. 
My wife loves yard sales.  She talks about the thrill of finding a bargain.
I would rather slam my fingers in a car door than go to a yard sale.
The only thing worse than going to a yard sale......Having a yard sale!
I would rather slam all my fingers in a car door than host one of those.
People show up at your door before daylight asking if you are open yet.  "Ma'm, I'm still in my pajamas, it's dark, do you see the garage door open and the tarps pulled off of the tables?"
Wow!  And how about when you have something priced at 25cents and they want to bargain with you?  Unbelievable!
If you are heading to the World's Largest Yard Sale this weekend-Have Fun! and I won't mind.......if you don't think of me!  LOL!