"You are so blessed to work here!!!!"
Ted Gocke

On a rainy Tuesday (today), it would be easy to walk into your place of employment and feel down, even at a Christian Radio Station. 

Just this morning I mentioned on air that, like one of our Facebook friends, I was tired.  I have had to deal with some mental and emotional stress this week that has worn me out. (Everything is totally fine now!, but it has me a little fatigued).

I had just finished the morning show and planning tomorrow's topics when I walked up to the front desk to drop off something.  There was an older woman there and I asked her if someone was taking care of her.  She got so excited and asked if I knew a song we played at 8:45 that morning.  I took her in the studio and found the song on the computer and played it for her just to confirm.

It looked like she was having a revival service right there in the studio!!  She was so happy, and she headed for the door-on her way to the nearest Christian bookstore to buy the CD.

On the way out she kept saying, "I can't believe I got to meet all of you!  This is such a Godly Place!  You are so blessed to work here!!!!!"

As I walked back to my office, those words rang true......I am so blessed to work here.  I really am, but you know what?  Where God has you working.......YOu are so blessed to work there too!

Have a great day!