Ted Gocke

I was able to go and see the movie Courageous Saturday night with my son Trevor and his girlfriend Renae.

The movie lived up to everything I had heard about it.  The point that hit me and challenged me the most was when one of the main characters said, "I don't want to be a "good enough" father.  I want to be the best father."

If you or your spouse or child or any other family member or friend were to die right now-would you have any regrets?  I didn't spend enough time with them.  I didn't tell them I loved them enough.  I should of taken the time to dance with them.  Those are all regrets that can haunt you for a long time.

Wipe out those regrets before they become a reality!  Don't settle for "good enough."  Be the best!  Be Courageous!