So Sore
Ted Gocke

This week, Amy and I started Matt Eubanks Boot Camp.  The goal for me is to drop 30-40 pounds by New Years, (or at least tighten up a lot of what I've got.)  Amy says (and I say she doesn't need it-good husband!) she wants to lose about 15 pounds.

The way we both feel right now, I believe we are well on our way.  I can barely lift my arms above my shoulders.  I am having a hard time reaching around and grabbing the ink pen out of my back pocket.

After training for and competing in the Body Building Contest 3 years ago, I am familiar with this pain, but it still aches and constantly reminds you that you are crazy for putting your body through that.

Even though we are sore-we don't stop.  Anything that is worth something will always cost you something.  If that means the two of us reaching our fitness goals-bring on the pain.......and the tylenol!