Heat Flashes
Ted Gocke

The weather has been so up and down.  Seasonably warm for this time of year for sure.  I am amazed though at how cold it feels some mornings, when realistically it may still be 10-20 degrees warmer than normal.

When I get up in the morning, feed Oakley the dog outside and then make my way to the radio station (4-5am) sometimes it is warmer than it is when I get off the air and out of the studio (10am.)

We need to always remember to take what comes our way and be thankful.  Don't like cold weather?  Look at some of the cities facing record snowfall.  I am a "summer boy" but I can appreciate the cold weather (especially this winter) because it makes the spring and summer that much more nice.

Of course with the warm winter they say we will see a lot more bugs and people are going to be fighting a lot more pollen and allergies.

But......it could be worse!

Thank God for whatever you are dealing with today.  Consider the alternatives.