On a Wheel and a Prayer
Ted Gocke

God has blessed us with a tax return!  With that we were able to save a little, pay off some debt and finally replace the tires on my Durango.  The tires came with the used Durango I purchased about 2 years ago.  They were pretty thin when I got it, and not being able to afford 5 new tires (it didn't have a spare either), caused a little bit of stress in my life (more so in my wife-she worries about me).

Everytime I would get into my truck I would pray, "God, please protect me as I drive and allow these tires to last until we can afford new ones."

God protected and provided.  I drove down to Summerville GA, to Reese tires and purchased a full set of tires.  They took the best of the old tires to use as my spare, and I am now ready to go.

God will protect and provide for you too!  Have you asked Him to?