Do we really have a problem? Depends on who you ask.
Ted Gocke

As you are aware by now we welcomed Brad to the afternoon show.  He is coming to us from Atlanta.  When moving to a new city you can imagine the questions and uncertainties you have about your new place of residence.

At lunch today we were talking and he mentioned at how bad our gang problem must be here in Chattanooga.  That struck me.  I know we have some unruly teens and young adults, and yes there is some gang activity, but knowing the size of the city and the gang problems there I spoke up and reassured him that Chattanooga and Atlanta are far different in that regard.

It is easy to talk negatively about our city.  We see things in the newspaper, see on TV and hear about it on the radio, but because only the negative things take the forefront all of the positive things seem to go ignored.

Chattanooga and our surrounding areas is a great place to live.  We do have our issues, but by far I feel safe allowing my family to call this home.