What a Glorious Weekend!
Ted Gocke

God blessed us with a great weekend.  I hope it was for your family.

On Friday I surprised Chipper when I picked him up from school and took him to see The Avengers!  Great movie!  We both loved it!

Spent the entire day Saturday with Amy.  Went to lunch (Welcome to Moes!  $4 burrito day for Cinco de Mayo), found Amy a pair of sandals she was looking for, enjoyed some Sweet Frogs Premium Yogurt! (You have to try some of that!) and then spread mulch in a couple of flower beds!


Sunday had a great Sunday School class, worship service, BBQ lunch for our church's summer mission trip and then just hung out in the yard!

Thank you God for great weekends like this one!

Chris August at JFEST update.......Nothing new-he is still recupperating and planning on being at JFEST.  I will keep you informed right here in the blog if there are any changes or updates!