Helping my son
Ted Gocke

Yesterday, my oldest son, Trevor got off of work at Fed EX.  He goes in to work before I do!  When he finished his shift he called me and said "Dad, can I come by and have you help me with an email I've got to send to a recruiter at the University of Louisville?"  I said of course. He then text me a few minutes later and said, "What do you want for breakfast?"  My son brought me breakfast and ate it with me here in the studio while I was on the air.  That was really cool.  He bought it with his own money.

We are working on an email requesting additional grant money that would make it possible for him to enter UofL this semester.  Once he gets a semester under his belt at UofL he has been practically promised a full scholarship which would lead to a military career as an Army officer.  If the money doesn't come through he will sit out this semester and save all he can from his THREE jobs.

To say I am proud of my son, is an understatement.

Thank you God for three great kids and their beautiful mom/my wife!