Is cooler weather coming?
Ted Gocke

My wife and I are polar opposites as far as weather goes.  She loves the cooler temperatures, wearing jackets, sitting by the fire drinking a cup of coffee on a cold day.  I, on the other hand, the hotter the better!  I love sitting by the pool, sweating and enjoying the sunshine.

But, I do have to admit-there are some redeeming values in cooler weather.  I do find it a little romantic when the leaves begin to fall, and the colors are so vibrant.

But, then again, the start of Fall means one thing to me-the end of summer.  I used to joke that I suffered from Seasonal Attitude Disorder or SAD during the winter and I may (a little).  But being married to a "Fall-aholic" I have learned to appreciate the Autumn season.

Even with Fall and then winter coming-we all know that here in the TN Valley it is going to be hot for some time!

(One year I wore shorts outside on the back deck to fry the turkey!  That's the best of both worlds-no grass to mow!)