Walker's Daughter
Ted Gocke

Saturday and Sunday I had the awesome honor of officiating a wedding in Athens.  When Amy I were setting up for the rehearsal on Saturday the Bride's father walked up and introduced himself.  He looked really familiar.  Facial stubble, pearly white smile, short haircut, and muscularly ripped.

He shook my hand and said "You can call me Walker."  Then it hit me!  He looked just like Walker Texas Ranger (as played by Chuck Norris.)

On my Facebook page there is a debate going on whether or not I officiated Chuck Norris' daughter's wedding.  I may have led people to think one way (ha ha), but I've never said it was Chuck Norris.  I simply said he told me I could call him "Walker."

It was a great wedding.  Sweet young couple and the fun dream that this could be Chuck Norris standing beside me.

You are the only ones, faithful readers of my blog, that I have shared the "whole story" with.  Have fun with it.