Ae you a worm or a snake?
Ted Gocke

This morning I was standing out side waiting for the dogs to "do their business."  I was noticing how chilly the air had become.  I looked up to see the stars and the partial moon shining bright.  It was about 4:45am and I saw three of the garden snails or slugs slowling creeping along the sidewalk and porch steps.

It reminded me of a great pastor/speaker Wellington Boone.  At the height of the Promise Keeper Days I heard him speak at a convention.  He asked are you a worm or a snake?

Let me explain:  When you step on a snake what does it do?  It bites back.  When you step on a worm it doesn't make a sound.

As Christians how should we respond to those that "step on us?"  We shouldn't bite back like a snake, we need to be like a worm.  Worms get stepped on.  You know what else gets stepped on?  A Bridge.  You see the way we respond to others needs to be like a bridge-bridging the gap and leading people to a relationship with Jesus.