Call me a big baby when it comes to Patriotism
Ted Gocke

I just returned from officiating the funeral of a good friend of mine.  He was a Vietman veteran and wqas buried at The Chattanooga National Cemetary.  I did a great job of holding it together and manning up at the funeral home when preaching the message.  But being at the hallowed grounds of the National Cemetary where thousands of American heroes have been buried I didn't fare so well.  Watching the honor guard fold the flag and then hearing taps being played on the bugel-I teared up.  Once my turn came to give a brief gravesite message I regained my composure and carried on.

I guess it is the pride that swells up inside of me when I know the person we are honoring stood up and fought for our country.

Please make sure you vote tomorrow in our Presidential election.  If you have not early voted-please do not let anything get in the way of exercising your God-given right.