Meat Loaf Soup and Dreary Days
Ted Gocke

If you are like me you are tired of these dreary days...I received a pair of new sunglasses for Christmas and I have only gotten to wear them twice!

I am ready for some sunshine and more warm weather.....
Together would be nice!

But always trying to be the optomist and finding the good in anything-I know that for dreary days there is nothing better than a bowl of I tried a new soup.  One I'd never had before and to be honest had never even thought about it.....Golllywhoppers is where the Air Team at J103 went for lunch today and I saw on their menu board.....Meatloaf Soup!  Always wanting to try new things.....I did....and it was delicious!  It tasted just like meatloaf in a creamy soup.

Try it-you'll like it!