So Close!
Ted Gocke

We are so close!  For years my wife and I have been praying and working to get out of debt.  We were so financially foolish the first several years of our marriage and lived above our means.  Because of that we incurred a lot of debt.

We have whittled it down, cut all of our credit cards and are real close to finding that financial freedom and peace.

Once our tax return comes back our goal is to pay off the family car which will free up a large chunk of change each month to pay off the few remaining smaller bills.  Once that is done-double-up on our house payments, and put together our emergency fund.

We will even be able to save!

And then......Chipper's 1997 truck breaks down!  Bummer.  Looks like a new motor in his future.  Small setback.

But I will not let it get us down-I will not let it twart our plans.

We are praying that God will protect us from "the devourer."