Big Yellow Mustard Cloud and Prom
Ted Gocke

At least that's what it looked like as we were driving through Ringgold yesterday.  There was a yellow/green tint to the air-thank you tree pollen!

We had a good weekend with Chipper going to his first prom.  He looked great in his brown tux that matched his date's dress perfectly.  When he went to pick up his date ( a friend from church) her dad met him at the door with his shotgun!  Hilarious!  (Her dad is one of our church deacons!)  Great family.

They had a great time.  Chipper shared with me at one point that his date asked him if he wouldn't mind dancing with one of her friends who came to the prom without a date.  Chipper said "sure" and went and asked her to dance.  He told me that when the song was over she looked at Chipper and said, "thanks a lot."  He said, "Dad, when whe walked away she was smiling and had a tear in her eyes.  It really made me feel good that I danced with her."

That's my boy!

Thanks you God for great kids!