Long day but a good day
Ted Gocke

Today in Jamaica while on the mission trip with our church's student ministry (and my youngest son Chipper), we ministered at a school in the mountains called Hamstead.  Along with the student ministry from First Baptist Ringgold we had our first day of Music Camp/VBS.  The kids were so excited about making bamboo drums, and receiving a PB&J sandwich at the end.

PB&J?  How many of those have I eaten in my lifetime and yet they thought it was like Thanksgiving dinner!

After that we went and ministered to the other edge of the spectrum.....we served at the local infirmary.  If you can imagine the nursing home with the worst conditions you have ever experienced in the US.  Now multiply that by 100.  Basically the sweet seniors we rubbed lotion on, fed hot sup and cold water have been left there to die, unwanted by their families.

I was so touched by God as I had the great joy of seeing my son sharing in both of those opportunities!

Keep praying for our team please.  After sharing with the kids tomorrow it is a few hours of consrtuction at a brand new children's village.