Have we "checked out" on Summer?
Ted Gocke

There is a nip in the air.  Trees are just beginning to drop some of their dry leaves.  The days are getting shorter.  Labor Day was this past Monday-does that mean Summer is over?

It really doesn't.  The last day of Summer isn't until September 21 but it seems that a lot of people have already "checked out" on this season and ready to move on.

My wife is one of those individuals who loves her Fall.  She loves the cooler weather, the briliant colors of the changing leaves and wearing warmer clothing.

Me, on the other hand, always fight off a twinge of depression-because I am a Summer Boy.  I love swimming, wearing shorts, being tan and the long days!

I will survive.....but......please.....can't we wait until at least September 21st before we put any pumpkins on our front porches????