Praise and Prayer Day
Ted Gocke

Today is an incredible day!  God has blessed us so much-each one of us.  Did you realize that if you are feeling down and depressed it is proven that by beginning to mention each of your God-given blessings one by one you will find yourself no longer depressed!  Try it!

J103 is so blessed by each of you that partner with this ministry.  It is such incredible validation to see our listeners just like you when you begin to partner with us financially.

You true are one of our greatest blessings!

By supporting J103 financially you are making investments in the Kingdom of God!  You are, today, changing lives.  The testimonies shared this morning and all day today are evidence of that.

Hold on!  It is going to be so cool to see how God raises up the $200,000 budget need in the next three days!

Pray for this, your ministry-J103.  Would you consider stepping up and partnering with this ministry?  A one time gift of $200 is the budget need.  If 1,000 people would do just that-we would be there and this ministry's budget need would be secured for the rest of 2013!

God Bless You!