And then there was one....
Ted Gocke

Yesterday was the end of an era for me and my wife.  For 10 years we have made the trek to the beautiful Baylor Campus and watched our three kids run cross country meets.
We have been there on rainy, cold race days and burning up sweltering days.

Yesterday afternoon was a gorgeous Fall Day with just a nip in the air.  It was Chipper's last race at Baylor (he still has the regional meet in two weeks in Pickens County).

Amy and I were a little nostaligic.  Thinking back to great races our kids have had and the bad ones.

The thing God reminded me of-and kind of patted me on the back, I feel, was that the most important thing was......We were there!

That is so important!  I want to encourage you......Be there for your kids and their activities......they are so important to them.  It won't be long and you will be looking back over "10 years of races"