An Emotional Swing
Ted Gocke

Someone real close to me had a severe stroke Thursday morning.  Our entire world has been tilted.  It is life-changing.  Schedules automatically had to be changed, committments had to be rescheduled, and all thoughts turned towards family and what has to be done.

Some tough decisions lay ahead.  Not sure how much time we have with this loved one but one thing we are sure of is their destination.

Pretty sad couple of days still.

Then Saturday we had an appointment at a Bridal Shop for our daughter Lauren to (for the first time) try on wedding dresses!  She was beautiful!!!  It was such an exciting time-God allowed us to forget about all of the other issues we were facing.

God is so good!  He knows just what we need.

Please pray for my family in the days to come.  We could use the prayers!