I dropped a Honda on my foot!!!!
Ted Gocke

Of all the things I have dropped on my foot in my life by far the most painful occured Monday night.
My wife and I pulled into the parking lot at Memorial Hospital to go visit a family member and take some food that some of our wonderful church members had prepared for us.  There in the lot was an elderly lady.  She had parked to close to the curb and had punctured her front passenger side tire.  I found a security guard and asked if they could assist her.  Because of liability-they could not.

She began to cry so I volunteered to change it for her.  I got the jack and the temporary tire out of her trunk and went to work.  Once I had the flat tire off of the car I began raising the car some more so I could get the good tire on.  That's when it happened.  I saw it coming.  I was sitting on the curb with my feet and legs in front of me.  I saw the car shifting forward and I tried to jump out of the way.......I almost made it!  The car came down on the top of my left foot.  I managed to pull my foot out (broke the heel off of my good shoes :(   ).

Immediately words from my father came flooding back.....(no not those words!)  "Always set the emergency break when changing a tire"  "Always put the tire under the car when working on it so if it falls it lands on the tire."

Lesson learned.  An athletic trainer at Ridgeland took a look at my foot last night-thinks it is just severely bruised.