So I'm going to be a father again
Ted Gocke

So, I'm going to be a father again......well sort Amy hasn't brought home another animal.  Our daughter Lauren got engaged to her boyfriend Zach on New Year's Eve.

Their wedding will be sometime in June/July 2015 (I'm thinking maybe on the JFEST stage!!!!  Nah-she wouldn't go for that).  So this Saturday I will be spending 90 minutes in a Bridal Boutique and another hour or so checking out a nearby venue.

Pray for my bank account!!!

But back to the "father again" part.   I will be taking on the role of "father-in-law" to Lauren's husband.  Zach and I have a good relationship.  We have a good time when we are together and he showed major respect when he came a few years ago and asked me if he could ask my daughter to exclusively date him and then again back in September when he returned to ask for his hand in marriage.

We are off to a good start.  Zack has a great dad, and I in know way want he or anyone to think I am going to be trying to take his place.  I'm just in the process of learning my role as a "father-in-law."

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!