Hooty Snooty and People Watching
Ted Gocke

Yesterday was another day in our quest to find the perfect wedding dress for my beautiful daughter.

This was the third dress shop we had visited and I have to say that this shop was the most rude show I have been in.  First the proprieter scolded Amy for bringing in a cup of ice and made her get rid of it.  Then I was "shut down" taking pictures of my daughter in the various dresses.  I was sending them to my mom in Louisville so she could feel a part of the experience.  Lauren also likes to look at the pictures afterwards to help her make her decisions.

So when I was told I couldn't take pictures I (without thinking) said, "Oh then I guess we are done here!"

I then apologized to Lauren and Amy.

We went to the mall next-I sat and people watched.  I love doing that.  You can get so much show prep watching at the mall!

Be careful.....you may end up on the morning show!