It's Just Not the Same
Ted Gocke

Saturday, My wife, daughter and I went back out Wedding Dress Shopping.  Now, the first store we went to a few weeks ago was a nice wedding boutique.  There Lauren tried on several dresses and was pleased with a lot of them.  Saturday we went to a Bridal "chain" and she tried on dresses but really didn't find one she was "excited" about. It just wasn't the same as the first shop.  The service wasn't as professional, it seemed rushed and the dresses didn't seem the same quality as the boutique.

There was one dress that she "kind of liked" and asked her mom and I what we thought.  It was about a third of the cost of the one she fell in love with at the boutiuqe.  When she asked me I said "Lauren, that is not the dress you want-you are trying to talk yourself into it because of the price."  She smiled.

So how long do we shop? Do we just go back to the boutiuqe and buy the one she fell in love with?

I told her to pick out the dress she knows is "the one" and we would make it work.

Lord, please help my bank account!  LOL!