A Job Well Done
Ted Gocke

One of those things Amy has been asking for for a long time was to have the front steps painted.

Now let me tell you a little about me and painting.........I hate it!!!
My Dad and his dad were incredible painters.  My dad could "cut it" with such precision.......me?    Not so much!

I got up early Saturday morning (if 9am is early) and cleared everything off the porch:  rocking chairs, floor mats, porch swing, bistro table and chairs and the two ton church pew.  I then swept the porch and began the tedious chore of "cutting in" making sure I didn't get any paint where it was not supposed to be.

After a couple of hours my daughter came out and offered to help.  Talk about "Smooth Hand Luke"  I think all of my dad's painting genes skipped over me into her!  She was awesome.

We finished all the cutting in and began rolling the paint on the decking.

After two coats on the front porch, two coats on the back deck and my wife Amy's cool hand painting the front facing boards on the steps it was done!

I have to admit.....it looks really good!  Was it worth sacrificing a Saturday and part of a Sunday afternoon????    One look on my wife's fact gave me the answer!

By the way.....I still hate painting!