All-Timate Roofing Blessing
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If someone you know has been a blessing to you and those around them and they are in desperate need of a new roof please let us know about them. All-Timate Roofing along with J-103 are getting together to help out our community with what we're calling the All-Timate Blessing, where one homeowner will receive a free roof.  This includes a complete tear-off of the old roof and replacement of any rotted decking and/or rafters, replacement of all felt, shingles, proper ventilation, all flashings, and will also include magnetic yard clean-up and complete waste removal!

When sending in your suggestion, please include the following:

1.       Person/persons basic contact information:  Name, number, and address.

2.     A brief story about the person/persons.

3.     Why you feel they deserve a new roof.

4.     Condition of the roof:

a.      Does it leak?

b.     Are there missing shingles?

c.      What is the approximate age of the roof?

5.     As many pictures of the roof as possible, both close-up and from a distance, as well as any water damage on the inside caused by the roof.


Please submit your suggestion with all the requirements to AllTimateBlessing@AllTimateRoofing.Com

All suggestions must be received by February 28, 2010.