Are You Ready To Thrive?

So what exactly does the word "Thrive" mean? Besides the name of Casting Crowns new album, Webster's dictionary defines it as, "to grow vigorously." So why did Casting Crowns pick this six-letter word for their album name over any other phrase they could have chosen? Casting Crowns wants to help each person that picks up their album "thrive," or "grow vigorously," in Jesus Christ. They have created the "Thrive Challenge" to help you grow in Jesus Christ. 

If you choose to accept the challenge, Mark Hall, the front man of the band, takes you on a trip through each song on the album. As you travel, you will read the song lyrics, the story behind each song, and verses that go along with each song. The band has also made short devotional videos to go along with each song. As a band, Casting Crowns wants to make the journey through an online experience, the book, and the album cause each believer to grow strong roots of faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Hard times are going to come, but God didn’t put you here just so you could survive through hard times. He put you here to thrive, to dig in and to reach out." - Mark Hall, Casting Crowns

If you want to take the "Thrive" journey, you can click here