Behind the Songs With Robbie Seay Band
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Robbie Seay shares the inspiration behind "Awaken My Soul" the current radio single from the band's forthcoming March 23, 2010 release:
"I write songs on planes. I don't know why. I think it’s because my cell phone is off. I try and sit away from the band guys (I do love them) to get some privacy. And I'm silent, for once! I wrote this lyric on a long flight to California. It's the prodigal story, really. Realizing my own sin and stubbornness made me a perfect match with the prodigal, so I sat down to write. But the song is really more about the Father's response. God not only waits with forgiveness, He pursues us. His rescue follows us closely. So, awaken my soul. All this stuff, all the fame--it’s loss compared to the powerful force of love that is the Father." --Robbie Seay

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